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I installed a solar system from Solarent some nine months ago. The implementation of the system was expertly handled and was trouble free from the word go. It feels great to make a contribution to energy saving.

Francois Conradie / Private

My name is Rhonette Fick from Greenpoint. I recently installed a Heatbox and just want to put on record that my electricity bill has come down hugely since Solarent Pty installed my Solar Geyser. My electricity use was 70 units per day before installing the solar geyser and is now 39 units per day, a huge saving on electricity.

Rhonette Fick / Private

I was pleasantly surprised with the time and effort Solarent (Brad) took to help me understand the difference in certain solar system types and in allowing me the time to obtain as much information as needed to make an informed decision about whether to install or not. I am pleased I opted to proceed with the acquisition of the system, enabling me to double my geyser hot water supply. Especially now during summer I am making noticeable savings on my electricity bill. No doubt this trend will change in winter, but overall I’m satisfied. I especially wish to thank you for the professionalism in dealing with me as a potential client and for the swift no mess installation. If this is the modus operandi of all of your staff then you will be very successful in attracting clients through word of mouth and referrals from clients such as myself.

Sheila Fredericks / Private

We, at Studio36 have been extremely satisfied with the service we received from Solarent. The installation was carried out professionally, neatly, and no mess was left behind by your workmen. Your aftercare has been great and you’ve been very helpful in making adjustments to the settings and teaching me how to reset the temperature and timings myself. I would not hesitate in recommending Solarent to my clients, and have already referred a few prospective clients your way. Thank you for your brilliant service, and I look forward to seeing how much money my solar geyser will save me.

Renee Byron / Studio 36

I had a Solar Water Heater installed by Solarent, and it has saved me a lot of money on my electricity bill, also, I don’t have to switch my geyser off any more.

Evelyn Sauls / Private

After struggling to keep our electricity cost down, we decided to install a solar geyser. Solarent was the obvious choice for us. No huge initial cash layout, quick and efficient installation and great after sales service. And to top it all we are saving money and doing our bit for the environment. I can definitely recommend Solarent.

Angela Breitenbach / Private

Just want to say thank you for the installation yesterday. Time will tell how effective it is going to be, but the installation was done very professionally. I also got a good service from Shane, your accredited installer.

Arno Botha / Private

I recently installed a Heatbox Solar Water Heater through Solarent. I must say it is pretty impressive from enquiring on Thursday to having it installed on Tuesday morning and producing hot water in the afternoon. Solarent’s was prompt in receiving phonecalls and answering all my queries. The longest bit about the project was probably me deciding to phone and inquire. Dylan, the installation foreman, was also very helpful with my questions. They arrived on time as per schedule and were quick, efficient and neat with the job. Thanks again for the trouble.

Adrian Havenga / Private

My Solarent solar geyser has been a great investment, one that I would make again. Since we installed it our electricity consumption has been halved, we were using 20 units of electricity per day, now we are using about 8 units per day. This saving is about R300 per month at current prices. With ESKOM given permission to increase rates beyond the 12.6% that NERSA granted them, those savings will be increased especially in 2016. The ROE was 2 1/2 years, now it will be much sooner. Having a greater volume of hot water has also been great as has the geyser controller.

Carl van Rooyen / Private

Thank you so much to Solarent for installing the HeatBox. It is so much fun watching our electricity units plummet down to half each day. Amazing and so rewarding. We thought it was going to be an expensive and long business putting the Solar Geyser in, but installation was quick, the team were efficient and experienced, and the best it was very affordable for us as pensioners, AND we have not had one hitch!! Our friends and family are now all wanting the same. Thank you once again to Brad and the team.

Ruth & Archi Tosh / Private