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Solarent™ was launched in 2009 specifically to sell solar water heating systems into the residential and commercial markets on a “rent-to-own” , and well as cash basis. Solarent™ are proud pioneers in making Solar Water Heating affordable through their rental model. Today the company has installed over 2500 systems and has branched out into other energy saving products, such as Heatbox™ Heat Pumps, Photovoltaic Panels, Energy Efficient Lighting, and its very own EASIWise Geyser controller.

During 2014 the company launched its new and innovative solar water heating solution - Heatbox™. The system is exclusive to Solarent™, and is an efficient, aesthetically pleasing and cost effective solar solution, with solutions for both frost and frost free areas.

Solarent is proud to fall under the NuSolar Holdings umbrella and is a sister company to SD Africa, EASIWise Technologies and SA Solar Academy. Our companies link up in a value chain with unique capacities in the market. These capacities include skills development of professional tradesmen, sourcing, distribution and direct sales of energy saving devices and solutions. We cover the needs of the residential and commercial sectors as well as providing our products and services for mass volume roll out projects.

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